About Whisky Jewbilee

Every year, Jewish Whisky Co. puts this shindig together for you. Yes! You! The drinker of drinks, the admirer of aged spirits, our siblings in liquor. Whisky Jewbilee is a festival for all lovers of whisky, not just our Jewish friends. Whatever your faith, you're always welcome to join us as we gather up the industry's biggest talent for a whisky event you'll never forget!


shows in three cities

Enjoy the kosher buffet before getting lost among the exhibits. Sample from hundreds of the world's finest whiskies using your complimentary tasting glass. Ask the ambassadors, blenders, and distillers questions as they pour some of their best spirits from Scotland, America, Japan, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, and Taiwan. Before you leave, be sure to check out the Single Cask Nation table and try the festival bottling that we bottled for that show. These are bottles of our favorite single cask or very small run whiskies. After each show, attendees will also have first access to buy these limited edition releases.

Festival-Only Bottlings

limited one-time releases

It seems like only yesterday we were scrambling to book our first show. In 2012, we reached out to our friends with a new independently-bottled whisky line, the member's only Single Cask Nation. We wanted to share it, along with a bunch of other brands we know and love, so we organized a show.

Two out of three of our founders are Jewish (the third is married to a Jewish woman), so we chose weeknights to make it easier for people who observe shabbat to attend. Two of the founders are also vegetarian and understood first hand how difficult it is to find things to eat at events, so we chose a caterer that could prepare an all-inclusive, Glatt Kosher buffet, with plenty of vegetarian options.

At the first Whisky Jewbilee we showcased 28 tables of whisky and drew a respectable 150 attendees. Since then, we've graduated to bigger venues twice and expanded into two more cities. We had 45 tables and over 250 different whiskies to sample at the last show, for a sold out penthouse of 450 people.

It's been a great show. To many more: cheers!

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